Blog Post 5 (Project 3)

I would like to do something along the lines of hacking and how it is represented commonly in media. I’m a computer science major and I have spent a lot of time with computers in my life. And over that time I have done some of the things which would traditionally be considered ‘hacking’. Throughout […]

Digital Exhbit

The foundation of America is rooted with Human Rights Violations. We obtained this land by pushing Native Americans off their homes and built the nation on the backs of African slaves. Our history is filled with terrible acts against humanity, however our country is not ashamed of its past. Many people encourage that we embrace […]

Blog Post 5 (Project 3 Proposal)

For Project 3, I would like to do a project about rap artists and the typical stereotypes that are associated with them. This would likely be specifically about how a large part of rap content out there is mainly coming from small, up and coming SoundCloud artists who don’t have as much of a viewer […]

Proposal Project 3

For my Digital Exhibit, I want to showcase imagery from the period of Nixon’s War on Drugs, portraying it from a different perspective that isn’t normally recognized. Often times, we understand the economic and social implications of the Drug War in the 1970s. However, its impact on race and enforcing racial discrimination during that time […]

Blog Post 5: American Activism

For Project 3, I have decided to develop a digital exhibit on social activism in America. I have chosen this topic because we live in a time dominate by social media and as a result, we don’t take the time to really value what people write. There are activists out there that have dedicated their […]

Project 3 Proposal

For Project 3 I will create a digital archive of the role of photography in social movements in America.  With an interest in photography and social change, the combination and incorporation of both was one that I knew I wanted to create an archive about.  Starting with photos from the late 1800s and working throughout […]

Blog Post #6

My exhibit will be about the perspective of supporting esports in the Olympics. I want to convince the audience that esports are a type of sports in the way that they do not necessarily have to be intense physical activities, but rather the characteristics of passion, spirit, and teamwork that they have. For instance, pictures of a live […]

Exhibition topic

For my exhibition, I would like to talk about Russia, as it is the country where I grew up. More specifically, I would like to talk about the representation of Russia in the rest of the world by the media (especially American and European) and the perceptions and biases people have against it and compare […]

Project 3 Proposal

For Project 3, I want to focus on LGBT elected officials in American history. I’m interested in LGBT rights and politics and so I think it would be fascinating to focus on LGBT representation in politics and its effects. The general public has some information about LGBT history in the United States, but I think […]

Project 3 Proposal

My topic is on the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. I chose this topic because as a resident of Hong Kong, I have many different views about the culture in Hong Kong. These involve the lingering effects from the British colonization and the transition that is still currently occurring as Hong Kong is returned to mainland China. […]